Black Flower Rattan Bag


Our popular black rattan bag now come in a pretty flower pattern. This bag is perfect for a night out or when you want to give your wardrobe a little oomph. To achieve the color each bag has gone through a process what we call an immersion dying process with boiling water that will ensure that the color will not change for a long time. Like with our other bags this style is equipped with a leather strap that has been dyed to match the bag.

- Genuine leather shoulder strap 
- Beautiful Indonesian traditional batik cloth lining 

Approximate size - Diameter 8" Depth 2.75”

Please Note 
Due to the hand woven nature and making process of this bag, each bag is unique and no two alike. Variations can be seen in slightly different colors, pattern, shape and hardware. These are not faults but a reflection of the maker to create each special piece. Each bag of ours has gone through a traditional fire-drying method in the oven that resulting in smoky scent that will fade and diminish over time.